Author: Lawrence Snow

Welcome New Members

ISDA Member News - New members

The latest members who joined the association. New members are joining the association on average 8 per month! The new members represent all sectors of the profession, Corporate, High Net Worth, Private Security, Entertainment, Government, and Law Enforcement.

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The ISDA YouTube Channel


We invite you to subscribe to the International Security Driver Association YouTube channel.

Along with posting our own content, we post videos that would be of interest to Executive Protection secure transportation practitioners.

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In case you missed it, ISDA has re-launched its much-acclaimed podcast – Executive Protection and Secure Transportation News. Every week we share secure transportation and executive protection knowledge, headlines, trends, educational content, and announcements from the International Security Driver Association and SecurityDriver.Com A new episode is published every Tuesday at 12 PM. You can find it in your favorite podcast app.

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OSAC Evasive Driving

OSAC Basic Evasive Driving

Basic Evasive Driving Techniques A Product of the OSAC Research & Information Support Center (RISC) in conjunction with the Diplomatic Security Training Center. A driver’s…

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To get a better understanding of the Dangers of Distracted Driving, we can use a phrase associated with security and security driving – “The Kill Zone.” Although the term Kill Zone is used by the security community, it can also describe any scenario that creates an emergency for the driver and passengers. Not looking where you are going for 2 to 3 seconds falls into that category.

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3 Seconds to Safety


Downloads Americans are angry about crime. We’ve given increasing attention and resources to security in our businesses, homes and our communities. And our police and…

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Autonomous Vehicle Levels

It seems that every news agency and certainly every auto-enthusiast magazine and blog are discussing autonomous vehicles and the technology that goes into making vehicles self-driving. What isn’t really discussed or understood is that there are different levels of self-driving.

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Executive Protection Self-Assessment Guide

The purpose of  post today is to give you a better understanding of what social media is, how you can use it for the benefit of your executive protection business, and really go through a first-stage self-assessment guide to answer the right questions to better prepare you to use social media effectively and communicate out who you are, what do you do, and what qualifies you to do it.

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Inaccuracies of Speedometers

Many times a driver is given 30 minutes to get to a destination that requires 45 minutes. So, at times, there is a tendency to drive a little faster than the speed limit allows. One of the questions we get asked is – “how accurate are speedometers”?

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Overview of Indeed Job Website

If you are looking for a job, whether it’s to get your foot in the door, or taking your career to the next level, the only person who can find the right job for you – is you. You know all the details about you: what experience and training skills you have, the location you would like to find work, the market/niche you want to work in and with what companies.

But where do you look to find the best jobs?

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Starting in the mid 1980’s the Scotti School published a quarterly newsletter for the Protective Services Community. They were hard copies distributed in the old fashion way – US mail. Over the years the newsletter morphed into the ISDA Email Newsletter. ISDA is an acronym for the International Security Driver Association. Although concentrating on secure transportation, the newsletter is of value to all in the protective services profession.
Through the combination of our newsletters and the ISDA Network, ISDA members reach more than 7,500 security practitioners, representing the Corporate, High Net Worth, Military, and government communities. Many of those who read the newsletter cannot be reached via the traditional social media outlets.

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Pothole Avoidance

Those of us who live in winter-weather country are just emerging from record-setting snow and freezing temperatures. And now there’s a new problem to face: potholes. Thanks to this winter’s extreme freeze-and-thaw cycles, the spring of 2015 promises to be an epic pothole season. And that’s not good news for those providing secure transportation.

Potholes are a matter of safety and inconvenience. But there are things that can be done before, during, and after hitting a pothole. Develop a proactive approach similar to a security scenario except you’re avoiding potholes instead of security issues.

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