Author: Lawrence Snow

Ambush eBook

ambush ebook

Throughout the years there were vehicle attacks that change the way we train. They received the attention of the security community and the businesses they…

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ISO Graphical Symbols

Graphical symbols are vital for giving information when written words are not adequate. International Standards developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) provide people all…

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Fortis Riders Opportunities

ISDA Member News

Fortis Riders supply concierge services, including Security Driving and EP. ISDA is identifying members that can provide Secure Transportation and EP. Make sure you complete your contact and bio information in your profile for the member directory. Also, if you are attending the ASIS/GSX conference in Chicago, Fortis will be at booth 1691.

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Lane Departure Warning

lane departure warning

Lane departure warning use cameras to track the vehicle’s position within the lane, alerting the driver if the vehicle is in danger of inadvertently straying across lane markings.

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Inaccuracies of Speedometers

Many times a driver is given 30 minutes to get to a destination that requires 45 minutes. So, at times, there is a tendency to drive a little faster than the speed limit allows. One of the questions we get asked is – “how accurate are speedometers”?

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Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics

How do you know if all of your efforts on social media are working for your business? You need to measure your efforts and track your social media metrics. You need to look past likes, reactions, followers, connections, etc. as KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

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Overview of Indeed Job Website

If you are looking for a job, whether it’s to get your foot in the door, or taking your career to the next level, the only person who can find the right job for you – is you. You know all the details about you: what experience and training skills you have, the location you would like to find work, the market/niche you want to work in and with what companies.

But where do you look to find the best jobs?

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This is a promotional video of an upcoming series of online training. The series will discuss in detail the decisions that need to be made when selecting an executive vehicle. The ISDA online training are free for ISDA members and offered at a fee to non-members. All recorded webinars and materials will be available on the ISDA website long after the webinar.

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Starting in the mid 1980’s the Scotti School published a quarterly newsletter for the Protective Services Community. They were hard copies distributed in the old fashion way – US mail. Over the years the newsletter morphed into the ISDA Email Newsletter. ISDA is an acronym for the International Security Driver Association. Although concentrating on secure transportation, the newsletter is of value to all in the protective services profession.
Through the combination of our newsletters and the ISDA Network, ISDA members reach more than 7,500 security practitioners, representing the Corporate, High Net Worth, Military, and government communities. Many of those who read the newsletter cannot be reached via the traditional social media outlets.

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Inspire Magazine


Inspire is an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda. The magazine is one of the many ways they use to reach…

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Pothole Avoidance

Those of us who live in winter-weather country are just emerging from record-setting snow and freezing temperatures. And now there’s a new problem to face: potholes. Thanks to this winter’s extreme freeze-and-thaw cycles, the spring of 2015 promises to be an epic pothole season. And that’s not good news for those providing secure transportation.

Potholes are a matter of safety and inconvenience. But there are things that can be done before, during, and after hitting a pothole. Develop a proactive approach similar to a security scenario except you’re avoiding potholes instead of security issues.

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