Overview of the Indeed Job Search Website

If you are looking for a job, whether it’s to get your foot in the door, or take your career to the next level, the only person who can find the right job for you – is you. You know all the details about you: what experience and training skills you have, the location you would like to find work, the market/niche you want to work in, and with what companies.

But where do you look to find the best jobs?

Classified Ads

Remember those? It wasn’t too long ago that the best place to look for a job opportunity was in the local and major newspapers in your city or town. I can remember many a time flipping the Want Ad pages in the Boston Globe on a Sunday looking for professional jobs, circling or cutting out the jobs I was interested in and qualified for, and calling the contacts on Monday. This was rather a time-consuming process, but when you’re motivated you get it done.

The Internet

Looking for jobs in the newspaper was soon replaced by the ever-growing Internet of Things. Nowadays, meaning the last 15 years or so, job boards like Indeed are fantastic resources when looking for a job opportunity. Most if not all job boards give you the ability to set up custom searches and to send you an email with a list of jobs. Job boards not just on the local level, but across the country and the globe.

It can’t get any easier than this to find jobs, curated to your specifications and in the locations where you want to work.

Getting the Inside Scoop

You found a job, but you don’t know anything about the company, pay scale, career advancement, etc.  How do you get the inside scoop?

One way to get behind the closed doors of a company is through your connections on social media. Conversations are being shared in the billions daily on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Join and participate in groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that are in the specific market you are looking to be in.  Ask questions about the company, what the job entails, and the pay.  Read the responses and take them into consideration – both positive and negative.

Another great tool to get the inside scoop on a company is through websites like GlassDoor and Career Bliss.  These websites are full of feedback on companies from actual current and former employees.

Others who Curate Jobs for You

There are others, mostly training providers, who add curated job opportunities to blogs and forums, sometimes as a perk, to those who took their training.  While there is nothing wrong with that, just be aware that those same jobs are available on several free job boards. Jobs curated by others is just making it easier for you to find job opportunities, to let you know that there are jobs out there,  but only you can find the right job for you.

Indeed is more than just a great place to search for jobs. For more information on Indeed features such as Job trends, salary, and forums watch the video below.

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