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ISDACenterOrg New Mercedes Guard Car

Known by its full name as the Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard 4Matic. It is available with a long wheelbase. The sedan has been engineered to receive VPAM VR10 certification. VR10 is the highest certification ballistic standard available to civilians. VPAM means a complete vehicle was tested and certified. Basically, It’s the highest level with regard to ballistic protection for a civilian vehicle.

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Kopis Center

November of 2012 Senator Harry Reid’s motorcade was involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Las Vegas. The Senator was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Two of the motorcade drivers were cited by the Nevada Highway Patrol for following too closely and making an improper lane change.

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Armored Cars and Tires


Other than the armor, tires are the most important part of an armored vehicle. Tires are one of the very few components the driver can easily modify that will produce substantial changes to the vehicle’s performance and safety. My experience tells me that most problems with armored vehicles start with the tires (Specifically the front tires) not able to handle the vehicle’s additional weight.

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Armoring Small Vehicles

Armor for small cars

In the past armoring light weight vehicles was not something that was recommended. BUT in Mexico and in other locations around the world armoring smaller vehicles is a reality of the security environment.

Whether armoring a large or small vehicle the basic theory of armored vehicles does not change.

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