ISDA Announces New YouTube Channel

We are pleased to announce our new ISDA YouTube channel. Although the channel is in its infancy, over the next few months we will be adding new content and growing our channel.

We will be adding videos on such topics as:

  • Business as it relates to protection professionals
  • Escaping the Kill Zone
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Executive Vehicles
  • Tools and Technology
  • Career Enhancement
  • Specials – live events

To be notified when a new video is added, we suggest you subscribe to the ISDA YouTube channel.

In keeping with the ISDA mantra of Sharing Knowledge, ISDA members are welcome to post their educational content. Members can contact ISDA for more information.

We will be sharing the ISDA Channel through the combination of our newsletters and the ISDA Network.

If you have specific ideas on the type of security/business related videos you would like us to produce please email us at [email protected].

Looking forward to your comments and feedback as we start sharing the ISDA Advantage -Knowledge: in video format.

An example of the ISDA YouTube Channel content – Escaping the Kill Zone a Video


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