Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Association not answered here please contact us at [email protected].

Why was the International Security Driver Association created?

In the current professional environment, there is a significant need for an association that exists only for the mutual enrichment and advancement of its members and an association committed to meeting the Profession’s needs.

What Does the Association Do?

The Association, through our Knowledge Center, offers its members benchmark educational, networking, and marketing programs. The member-area of the website is frequently updated with the latest research, white papers, business data, and online learning programs. Information that will enhance your career. Our ongoing research meets the secure transportation professional’s needs. We conduct research on Business, Executive Vehicles and Equipment, Salaries, Job Opportunities, Recent Attacks on the Principal, Social Media Marketing Material, Business Metrics, Professional Surveys, Best Practices, and Benchmarking.

Why Did We Create the International Security Driver Association?

Security Driving and Secure Transportation describe a profession, a job description that defines a skill set needed to supply safe and secure transportation. Over the past few decades, social media have twisted them into marketing terms with no regard for the skill sets that define the profession. The Association, through its members, projects a realistic view of the profession. 

Whom Does the Association Serve?

The Association serves experienced Security Drivers and Secure Transportation Professionals. Our Members represent all aspects of the Secure Transportation profession from all parts of the globe.

Is the Association Just For Security Drivers?

The Association’s educational, networking, mentorship, and marketing benefits are of value to all in the Secure Transportation profession. The Association is also of value for the Security Professional responsible for the safety and security of principals while traveling in a vehicle, and for security professionals with the task of making a business case for the need of a security driver and secure transportation or selecting the best vehicle for the principal’s safety and security.

What do You Get with the Membership?

Access to the Knowledge Center. There are approximately 500 knowledge-sharing opportunities available to members. We deliver that knowledge via online workshops and courses, white papers, research papers, podcasts, newsletters, magazines, salaries, and job metrics. Members receive actionable business data that assist in their marketing efforts. New data is added regularly. Data includes; salaries, developing a return on investment, and maximizing the use of social media. All at no charge to members.

Members have the opportunity to be published in one of the oldest Protective services magazines in the Profession.

There are many Training Providers; what Training Program Should I Attend?

One of the most frequently asked questions on social media and the Association’s Network is, “What training program should I attend?” Our members have attended many training courses. From their experiences, they supply fellow members insight into the various training programs and the skills and knowledge needed for employment.

Who Started the International Security Driver Association?

Tony Scotti is the founder of the Association and is a widely recognized pioneer in the highly specialized field of Secure Transportation. He created one of the most recognized brands in the security profession and has been involved in security driving and secure Transportation for nearly 50 years. He developed a standard for security driving that has withstood the test of time. Corporations have been sending their Security Drivers and Secure Transportation providers to be certified for five decades.

Tony created the International Security Drivers Association as his way of giving back to the community. He created an Association of practitioners who have the same sharing knowledge mentality.

Do You Recommend Training Programs?

We cannot recommend training programs, but we do supply the Metrics for selecting training programs that meet the member’s goals.

I spent a lot of money attending training programs. Can the Association help me find work?

No association – training provider – networking event can guarantee employment. Through research, we can provide members with data and metrics that will assist, not guarantee, a job.

Is the International Security Driver Association a Training Program?

Although Tony Scotti’s name is synonymous with training, WE DO NOT OFFER HANDS-ON TRAINING because Certification standards state that the Association offering certification should not offer training as well. We recommend training that meets the Certification Standards, but we do not conduct hands-on training. For our members, we have created the Knowledge Center, online training designed to enhance the professionalism of our members.

Why the International Security Driver Association Certification and Why Now?

The catalyst for Certification is the rapid change taking place in the protection industry. The general feeling is, “I have spent all this time and money to attend training programs; of course, I am certified.” That is not how the concept of Certification works. The issue is that you cannot enter a training program with little or no experience and be certified by those who conducted the training. That is not the definition of Certification as recognized by other industries and professions.  The Association’s certification provides proof of knowledge – skill, and experience.

Is the Certification New?

It is a 45-year tradition. During that time, the security community has (via the old Scotti School) and continues to send their personnel to Vehicle Dynamics Institute to be certified by the Association’s process. In fact, it is the market that refers to the process as Certification. The Association’s certifications are the classic business model of the market dictating the course of action. 

What is the difference between Membership and Certification?

The Association membership is open to all professionals interested in Secure Transportation and Executive Protection. You can join the Association and take advantage of our benchmark research and precedent-setting education, networking, and marketing programs without applying for Certification. You cannot obtain certification without being a member.

Who determines if my experience is valid?

The certification advisory board validates the certification candidate’s experience and training. The advisory board consists of practitioners from all segments of the profession, all with extensive experience. They work with and in the Corporate, Human Resources, High Net Worth, and K&R Insurance markets.

Who sends their security personnel to the Skill Certification portion of the process?

Fortune 500 companies, High Net Worth clients, the Military, and Law enforcement have been sending their people through the ISDA process for more than 40 years.

Why do you recommend Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI)?

Although the Association’s founder Tony Scotti’s name is also synonymous with VDI, they are two separate entities. VDI is the only protective driving training provider that trains drivers to the objective standard required by the Association’s certification.

Is there a Certification waiver?

There is no waiver for experience and the knowledge test. The driving skill process can be waived if the candidate has attended a training program that meets the Certification Standards or has extensive experience combined with training.

Do You Have a Conference?

Not at this time. Most conferences are expensive to attend. They disseminate information over two or three periods; then knowledge sharing is over. Nothing happens for the next 51 weeks. You have paid thousands of dollars for a few days of knowledge. The Knowledge Center is available 24/7/365.

I’m New and Do Not Have much experience. Can the Association help?

The answer depends on the definition of help. Upfront, you need to understand the process. Frankly, there is so much misinformation on social media it is hard for the new or inexperienced to wade through the smoke. The Association has created two documents to assist that sector of the profession – the Experience – Skill – Knowledge (ESK) and Roadmap. The ESK is one of the most downloaded documents on the ISDA website. The roadmap is available to our members via workshops and online training – FREE.

The Association and its experienced members offer tools for those interested in obtaining a job or starting a career in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession. We share advice, job trends, and career information.

I Have Experience, can the Association Help With My Career Advancement?

The Protective Services/ Secure Transportation business is continuously evolving. Strategic decision-making is a significant factor in mitigating risk. Sound decisions require timely and relevant information. To meet the experienced professional’s needs, the Association researches the topics that affect our Profession and enhance their career.

I Am a Provider of Protective Services Can You Help Me With Marketing My Business?

A significant challenge for those providing protective services is getting their company to the marketplace. The Association has created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth. We also supply protective services providers’ business data to assist them in marketing and operational planning. We have developed the Secure Transportation Marketing Plan – available in an online education program and a downloaded able white paper.

I have passion and desire, can the Association help me define what I need to succeed in the Profession?

Having passion and desire alone is not enough to achieve success or enhance a career. Passion and desire are a necessary part of the roadmap to success. We will assist you in gaining career capital by collecting marketable skills, knowledge, and experience.

Can the Association help me reach my goals?

A resounding yes; in fact, it is what we do. We understand that for many, finding a career path or advancing their career is the most challenging task they face. There are no guarantees for success, but there is a path – a Roadmap to it. The membership has created the Protective Services Roadmap to Success. The members have an average of 15 years of experience and represent all aspects of the profession. The Roadmap is free to members.

Do We Recommend Other Security Services?

We recommend and market secure transportation/protective services providers who meet the standards set by our advisory board. The Association’s advisory board consists of practitioners from the corporate, high net worth, training, and K&R insurance community.

If I join the Association, will I get a job?

No – No one has the silver bullet to employment. There is none – no training – no conference – no association. All we can do is create an environment that will guide the members seeking professional opportunities and ensure they receive information from those who supply jobs.