Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ISDA For?

ISDA serves both the inexperienced and experienced Executive Protection practitioner. ISDA Members represents all aspects of the Executive Protection profession from all parts of the globe.

What does ISDA Do?

Whether you are exploring a career in executive protection, new to the profession, honing your expertise, or an established security executive, ISDA offers its Members benchmark educational, networking, and marketing programs.

How Much Does the Membership Cost?

The cost of membership is $75 per year, automatic renewal until canceled. We do not offer any refunds. Your membership will renew after 1one year on the day you purchased your membership.

What do I get with my membership subscription? 

ISDA members receive precedent-setting Educational Center, that is is available 24/7/365. The Center is frequently updated with the latest research – white papers – business data, and On-Line Learning Programs. Members receive actionable business data that assist in their marketing efforts. New data is added on a regular basis. Data includes – Salaries – Developing a Return On Investment – Maximizing the use of Social Media and Branding. A membership directory that is marketed to 20,000 Security Practitioners.

I’m new and do not have much experience, can ISDA help?

ISDA and its experienced members offer tools and services for those interested in obtaining a job or starting a career in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession. We share advice, job trends, and career information.

I have experience, can ISDA help with my career advancement?

The Protective Services business is continuously evolving. Strategic decision making is a significant factor in mitigating risk. Sound decisions require timely and relevant information. To meet the needs of the experienced professional ISDA conducts research on the topics the effect our Profession, and will enhance their career.

I am a provider of protective services, I am good at providing EP, but can ISDA help me with marketing my business?

A significant challenge for those providing protective services is getting their company to the marketplace. ISDA has created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth. ISDA also supplies protective services providers’ business data that will assist them in marketing and operational planning.

There are a lot of training providers, what training program should I attend?

One of the questions most frequently asked on social media and the ISDA Network is, “What training program should I attend?” ISDA cannot recommend training programs – but we do supply the Metrics for selecting training programs that meet the member’s goals.

I spent a lot of money attending training programs, can ISDA help me find work?

We cannot supply you with work, but we can help you find work. We do that by researching the job market and curating the skills they request. We post job opportunities –  post articles from members who have had the same experience you are having. They outline their roadmap. ISDA members discuss the road they have taken, you learn from their experiences.

Who joins ISDA?

Our members represent all segments of the profession – they are corporate – subcontractors – training providers – and service providers. And our members represent all aspects of the profession, Corporate – High Net Worth – Private Security – Entertainment – Government and Law Enforcement.

I have passion and desire, can ISDA help me define what I need to succeed in the profession?

Having passion and desire alone is not enough to achieve success or enhance a career. Passion and desire are a necessary part of the roadmap to success. ISDA will assist you to gain career capital by collecting marketable skills, knowledge, and experience

Who started ISDA?

Tony Scotti is the founder of ISDA and is a widely recognized pioneer in the highly specialized field of Secure Transportation. For over 40 years, Tony and the Board Members have worked with and in the Corporate, Human Resources, High Net Worth, and K&R Insurance market.

ISDA offers Certification, is it something new?

No. It is a 40-year tradition. During that time, the security community has (via the old Scotti School), and continues to send their personnel to be certified by the ISDA process. In fact, it is the market that refers to the ISDA process as certification. The ISDA certifications are the classic business model of the market dictating the course of action.

Why ISDA Certification and why now?

The catalyst for ISDA Certification is the rapid change taking place in the protection industry. The general feeling is “I have spent all this time and money to attend training programs, of course, I am certified.” That is not how the concept of certification works. The issue is that you cannot enter a training program with little or no experience and be certified by those who conducted the training. That is not the definition of certification as recognized by other industries and professions. ISDA Certification provides proof of knowledge and skill.

How do I Apply for ISDA Certification?

Become a member, then complete the Verification of Experience form (must be logged in as a member). Once experience, skill, and training are validated, you will be directed to take the Knowledge Test.

Do you need to be an ISDA member to apply for Certification?


What is the difference between ISDA Membership and ISDA Certification?

ISDA membership is open to all with an interest in Personal Protection. You can join ISDA and take advantage of their benchmark research and precedent-setting education, networking, and marketing programs without applying for certification.

Is ISDA a Training Program?

Although Tony Scotti’s name is synonymous with training, ISDA DOES NOT OFFER TRAINING, because Certification standards state that the Association offering certification should not offer training as well. We recommend training that meets ISDA Standards and conducts continuing education, but we cannot conduct the training.

Who determines if my experience is valid?

The certification advisory board validates the certification candidate’s experience and training. The advisory board consists of practitioners from all segments of the profession, all with extensive experience. They work with and in the Corporate, Human Resources, High Net Worth, and K&R Insurance market.

Who sends their security personnel to the Skill Certification portion of the process?

Fortune 500 companies, High Net Worth clients, Military, and Law Enforcement, have been sending their people through the ISDA process for more than 40 years.

Why do you recommend Vehicle Dynamics Institute?

Although ISDA founder Tony Scotti’s name is also synonymous with Vehicle Dynamics Institute, they are two separate entities. VDI is the only protective driving training provider that trains drivers to the objective standards required by ISDA.

Does ISDA recommend training?

Yes. We recommend training programs, EP or driving that ensures an individual has been tested and measured to an objective documented standard.

Is there a Certification waiver?

There is no waiver of experience and the knowledge test. The driving skill process can be waived if the candidate has attended a training program that meets the ISDA Standards, or has extensive experience combined with training.

Where are the ISDA Skill Standards documented?

From objective standards created by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, and research conducted by Universities. More information can be found here.

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