ICYMI – The Re-launch of the EPST Podcast

Executive Protection and Secure Transportation News Podcast

In case you missed it, ISDA has re-launched its much-acclaimed podcast – Executive Protection and Secure Transportation News. Every week we share secure transportation and executive protection knowledge, headlines, trends, educational content, and announcements from the International Security Driver Association and SecurityDriver.Com. A new episode is published every Tuesday at noon. You can find it in your favorite podcast app.

Here are the last few episodes:

Episode 151 – Two Attacks that have Changed the Way We Work and Train
The first edition, which the ISDA created back in 2014, describes the attacks that have changed the way we work and train. In the downloadable eBook, available for ISDA members, we covered the assassination of Aldo Moro, Hans Martin Schleyer, John Butler, and Alfred Herrhausen. 2020 brought us two events that have changed how we work and conduct training. Those two events are the Covid-19 Pandemic and Omar García Harfuch (OGH) Ambush.

Episode 150 – Low Light Driving Conditions
EP practitioners attend low light shooting programs – but how many have participated in a training program or are aware of the problems created by low light driving scenarios? Our, defined as the ISDA and Vehicle Dynamics Institute, forensic analysis of the recent Omar García Harfuch ambush indicated that low light conditions contributed to the scenario’s outcome.

Episode 149 – Five Vehicle Characteristics that Affect Safety and Security
All vehicles have inherent characteristics that, if not understood and monitored, can decrease a vehicle’s performance and create a dangerous scenario for the principal. Some numbers represent these vehicle characteristics; most can be found in the owner’s manual.

Episode 148 – LinkedIn Opportunities for Your Business
With over half a billion users, LinkedIn is the most significant opportunity to connect with your peers and potential employers and sell/market your products and services.

Episode 147 – Security Driving Is a Statement of Skill, Not a Marketing Term
When purchasing armored vehicles, consider these points, which are not in any order of importance.

Episode 146 – COVID-19 Survey Results
We share the results of the COVID-19 survey that the ISDA conducted at the end of April, near the height of the Pandemic in the United States.

Episode 145 – Security Driver Training and Braking
We strongly suggest that anyone who attends a Security Driving training program is measured by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 135. The purpose of the FMVSS 135 standard is to ensure safe braking performance under normal and emergency driving conditions. As a security driver, you must be able to perform at a much higher level than “minimum” (it is what you get paid to do). 

Episode 144 – Tires and Extreme Heat
We have discussed the effects of cold weather on tires many times, but with the hot summer weather upon us (aka “the Dog Days of Summer”), we thought it would be an excellent time to discuss the effect of extreme heat on tires and vehicle control.

Episode 143 – Omar Garcia Harfuch Ambush
During Tony Scotti’s 45 years and for the past 18 years, Joe Autera of Vehicle Dynamics Institute has conducted forensic analysis on countless vehicle attacks. As they have in the past, Joe and Tony are currently analyzing the Omar García Harfuch Ambush that took place in Mexico in June 2020.