The ISDA YouTube Channel

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) YouTube channel was created in April of 2016 to continue the ISDA mission of sharing knowledge. Our Channel features video playlists that consist of approximately 75 Videos.

Besides posting our content, we post videos that would be of interest to Executive Protection and Secure Transportation practitioners. 

Our Channel features Playlists that consist of videos covering:
Case studies of Vehicle Attacks – (The Ambush Playlist features 33 vehicle attacks) – Security Driving – Security and Armored Vehicles – Security Driving – Business of Security and BMW Films  – A unique look at the Security Driving profession from BMW.

Security Driving Playlist – Twelve videos, including one on the science of security driving

Vehicles Playlist – Eight Videos including an Introduction to Executive Vehicles Video

The Business of Security Playlist- Eight Videos one covering the GI Bill School Locator and School Benefits Comparison Tool

Case Studies Playlist– Twenty-Nine Videos covering vehicle attacks

BMW Films Playlist- THE HIRE – Five videos about bodyguards produced by BMW

ISDA Member Playlist – Eight videos from the ISDA Membership

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