Member Spotlight – Christophe Gury

Christophe Gury

Christophe is one of our newer members. He is the founder and president of My Company Service. Since 2007, he has been CEO of MCS, a company with two divisions; MCS specializing in the transportation of executives and the transportation of sensitive goods with its office located in Paris, and MCS Training center, a development platform specializing in the training of security drivers with its office located in Metz, in the East of France near Strasbourg.

He offers training in – Introduction to Safe Transport, Security Driver Training in Advanced Evasive Driving, Executive Protection Anti-Terrorist Driver, Security Driver Training for the chauffeur of VIP, Complimentary Security Training Module.

MCS is the French leader in the training of “Security Drivers” and secure transportation. The first French transportation company specializing in extensive training of high-level security drivers of VIPS and sensitive goods and incorporating strategies such as security planning, advanced work, vehicle search, emergency equipment into its training program.

MCS offers 3 Areas of Expertise:

  1. Vehicle hire with security driver for passenger transportation, rental of armored cars with an experienced chauffeur.
  2. Transportation of valuables or sensitive goods.
  3. MCS Training Center, a security driver training platform, known and recognized in its field of expertise.

Before creating MCS, Christophe was an Executive protection agent for European executives/celebrities. He is a former professional firefighter and ambulance driver for the emergency rescue unit SAMU.

His credentials include:

  • State Diploma of Ambulance Attendant AED / EMT Emergency Medical Technician
  • Certificate of Professional Practice of Sanitary Military Auxiliary.
  • Training in Emergency Care in SMUR Unit.
  • Certificate of training CFAPSE.
  • SSIAP 3 Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service Level 3 (former ERP3 / IGH3)

Additionally, Christophe holds the following certifications during his tenure in executive protection:

  • Instructor Taser” training certification
  • Certificate of Trainer in Physical Protection of Persons and Anti-Aggression Conduct.
  • Professional card “Physical Protection of Persons.”
  • Certificate of Authority Driver Level 1 and 2.

With his extensive expertise, Christophe is regarded as an expert in the field and has been requested by many French and European administrations and institutions for training.  He has provided training for numerous institutions, including The World Trade Organization Transport and Protection Department, The Protection Service of the President of the European Parliament, the transport service of the European Parliament (personally receiving accolades and a personalized gift from the President of the Parliament for his work), The Transport Department of the OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and various units of the French Special Forces.

Each year Christophe receives and trains more than 250 trainees from all over Europe for MCS’s 4-day anti- aggression course. The course has been regarded as a real-life simulation (closes to reality), with its use of a night convoy session with pyrotechnic attacks, explosions, and high vehicle aggression.


Country: France

Phone:+ +33 7 63 33 48 28