Overview Escape the Kill Zone® Training Program

Scenario Based Training (SBT) has always proven to be one of the best methods of instruction. This is an introduction to a series of SBT, 3D Computer Animated, online training programs produced by the International Security Driver Association (ISDA).

Although 3D computer animation is not a substitute for hands-on training, this state of the art computer technology will create and analyze scenarios ranging from training exercises, vehicle accidents, and attacks. The program can analyze the effect of time, distance, driver capability, vehicle type has on survivability in an emergency and from that data develop lessons learned and does so with incredible accuracy.

The online programs will be free to ISDA Members.

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About the International Security Driver Association

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) serves the Protective Services community. ISDA’s mission is to support an international forum of protective service providers who share knowledge for the purpose of enhancing the profession.

The most common question we at ISDA get asked is, “Is ISDA for Security Drivers and Secure Transportation Providers only?” The answer is a big NO. ISDA is a valuable resource for all practitioners working in the protection profession. Members of ISDA represent all facets and levels of the protective services profession as an example.

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