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These are the results of the Coronavirus Survey.

The number of participants makes the survey statistically accurate for our association, but not for the general EP/Secure Transportation community.

The demographics of ISDA are not similar got the profession in general; Hence I would estimate the data is not statistically accurate for the security professional.

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Marketing by Innuendo

Security Driving Marketing by Innuendo

Over the last few years there have been a few training providers and security driver instructors that use the standard and methodology I created, and by association attach me to their training or instructor credentials. Some have used the phrase “Scotti-Certified Instructor.” With some, that may be correct, but the question is “When did I teach them?” So let me set the record straight.

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Security Executive Council

Security Executive Council

The Security Executive Council is a research and advisory firm that focuses on corporate security risk mitigation strategies and plans. Among the services they offer is a free series of videos covering all aspects of security.

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Security Industry Publications


The Security Industry has its own set of publications. This is a short list that covers a broad spectrum of publications. The list includes Circuit Magazine, a publication for Bodyguards which many of our members are contributors, and the Harvard Law School – National Security Journal.

View the Security Industry Publications

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Job vs Career

Are you training for a career or a job?

It seems that one of the most asked questions on social media is – What EP/CP training program should I attend? Those that ask that question need to ask one of themselves – What are my goals? Are you looking for a career or are you satisfied with a job? What is it that I want from the training program and what will be my training ROI? It must be noted that many of the high-level EP Practitioners have never attended an EP Training program.

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training and certification

Two topics of discussions that dominate social media, both in the U.S. and abroad are certification and the state of training in the protection industry. In reality, the two subjects cannot be separated. IMHO – The job market wants, and will support, a certification that meets standards set by respected industry and government organizations. Those who supply job opportunities welcome a certification that withstands the scrutiny of the corporate, legal, and insurance community. Nonetheless, there are still global job markets in the protection business where certification, insurance risk, and liability are not major concerns.

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Inspire Magazine


Inspire is an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda. The magazine is one of the many ways they use to reach…

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Training to a Certificate

EP Certification vs. Certificate

It is ISDA’s opinion many of the training organizations misuse the word certification. Most of the training offered in the industry is not for certification – it is training to a certificate. Although a training certificate is valuable, it is not a certification as defined by the credentialing organizations that are the standard in all other industries.

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The 85% Rule

This is a phrase you see often in books – magazine articles – on power points presentations – “85 % of all attacks against the…

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