“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance.

It is the illusion of knowledge.”

There is a problem in the profession. It is the Illusion of Knowledge.

Unsuspecting individuals are trained by the EP training community in skills that have no market value. Social media is filled with complaints ranging from certification and standards to pay scales and unethical behavior.

The market is inundated with training providers – more than 65,000 search results for Executive Protection training.

How ISDA can Help

  • We provide a realistic guide to training, coming from those that are employed full time in the EP profession.
  • We leverage over 40 years of knowledge and service to the profession to assist members to reach their goals.
  • We provide a vast educational knowledge center. The Knowledge Center created an ongoing learning environment for members with subjects specifically designed to increase their knowledge and marketability.
  • We use our decades of experience working with Word of Mouth Marketing concepts for the benefit of members.

ISDA is a member-oriented association

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) serves the Protective Services community. ISDA’s mission is to support an international forum of protective services providers who share knowledge to enhance the profession.

We are a member-oriented association that serves both the inexperienced and experienced practitioner.

Whether you are exploring a career in executive protection, honing your expertise, or an established security executive, ISDA offers benchmark educational, networking, and marketing programs.

ISDA is Committed

In the current professional environment, there is a significant need for an association that has no alliance to training providers, an association that exists only for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their members. An association committed to meeting the needs of the profession.

We Project a Realistic View of the EP Profession

Security Driving and Executive Protection describe a profession, a job description that defines a skill set needed to save lives. The social media have twisted them into marketing terms with no regard for the skill sets that define the profession. ISDA, through its members, will project a realistic view of the profession.

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What We Offer:

  • Ongoing Learning Environment
  • A Platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – Word of Mouth.
  • Real advice, resources, and expertise to those who seek it from those who have it.

Member Benefits


We provide members precedent-setting educational programs. The Knowledge Center provides a constant learning environment for members, with subjects specifically designed for the experienced and inexperienced member, with the goal of enhancing a member’s knowledge and marketability. The educational programs are disseminated via blog posts, recorded webinars, videos, and white papers.


We have created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth. Members can reach more than 20,000 security practitioners, representing the Corporate, High Net Worth, Military, and government communities. In 2015, ISDA members, through our word-of-mouth platform, reached tens of thousands of security professionals with their message.


For those members who qualify, ISDA offers Security Driver and Secure Transportation Certifications. The Certification requires the completion of a certification process. The process follows guidelines defined by credentialing organizations and standards that are recognized in all the other industries. The certification process has been recognized by the corporate community for 40 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was ISDA created?

In the present professional environment, there is a significant need for an association that has no alliance to training providers, an association that exists only for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their members, and an association committed to meeting the needs of the profession.

Is ISDA just for Security Drivers?

The ISDA educational, networking, mentorship, and marketing and extensive other benefits are of value to all in the protection profession.

Is ISDA a Training Membership Program?

Although Tony Scotti’s name is synonymous with training, ISDA DOES NOT OFFER TRAINING, because Certification standards state that the Association offering certification should not offer training as well. We recommend training that meets ISDA Standards, but we cannot conduct the training.

What do You Receive with a ISDA Membership?

ISDA members receive precedent-setting mentorship, networking, marketing programs, and other extensive benefits.  Read more about ISDA membership benefits.