Roadmap Checklist – Free Download

The International Security Driver Association’s (ISDA) single most significant accomplishment in 2019 was the “ISDA Roadmap Checklist” and the “Protective Services Roadmap to Success.” The Roadmap was created to assist our members in defining, developing, and enhancing their version of success.

ISDA understands that for many practitioners, finding a career path or advancing their career is the most challenging task they face. Many have the desire and passion for succeeding in the profession, but to have a successful career requires a plan – a roadmap. A roadmap describes a destination or one’s goals. It shows the practical steps necessary to get to the desired destination. 

To Succeed in Protective Services, You Need to Gain Career Capital. 

The information and data presented in the Roadmap come from our members – practitioners of executive protection and secure transportation Practitioners who have an average of 15 years of experience, some of them more than 25 years in more. 

Our members represent all aspects of the profession, Corporate, High Net Worth, Private Security, Entertainment, Government, and Law Enforcement. The complete Roadmap is for members only.

From the Roadmap, the ISDA created the Protective Services Roadmap Checklist. The ISDA Roadmap Checklist consists of 19 checkpoints separated into three stages:

Supporting the Checklist are 38 online and downloadable documents authored by ISDA Members.