About ISDA

Who We Are

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) serves the Protective Services community. ISDA’s mission is to support an international forum of protective services providers who share knowledge to enhance the profession.

We are a member-oriented association that serves both the inexperienced and experienced practitioner.

Members receive the benefit of a precedent-setting educational, networking, and marketing program.


The Experienced Professional

Few, if any, associations represent those who are employed in the profession. We are an association that offers career enhancements to those working in the profession and recognition for their training and experience. Also, for those practitioners who are in positions of responsibility, we ask you to pass it forward by creating clarity in the profession and sharing your knowledge.

The Protective Services Provider

For those who have acquired the skills and knowledge to compete in the marketplace, ISDA has created a platform for such members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth. ISDA also supplies protective services providers’ business data that will assist them in marketing and operational planning.

Who Are the Members?

Our members are:

  • Leaders in the profession
  • Have adopted the ISDA philosophy of sharing knowledge
  • Represent professionals from all markets within the Executive Protection profession
  • Provide diverse perspectives
  • Support their peers
  • From around the globe

This is a small example of their contribution to the profession:

Who We Are Not

ISDA is not like the majority of bodyguard and other professional associations as we do not:

  • Train to obtain a certification
  • Supply drivers, EP agents, or
  • Secure transportation services
  • Promise jobs


In the current professional environment, there is a significant need for an association that has no alliance to training providers, an association that exists only for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their members. An association committed to meeting the needs of the profession.

Why Now?

Security Driving and Executive Protection describe a profession, a job description that defines a skill set needed to save lives. The social media have twisted them into marketing terms with no regard for the skill sets that define the profession. ISDA, through its members, will project a realistic view of the profession.

Our Goals

The Skills Gap

A skills gap is defined as a wide discrepancy between the skills the job market demands and the skills of those seeking work. The gap is created by the new and inexperienced trained in skills that have little or no market value. The goal is to close the Skills Gap through education and awareness.

To Curate Information

We are living in an age of information overload; ISDA goals are to curate information specifically designed to increase member knowledge and marketability. The information is disseminated via blog posts, free online learning, and white papers.