About the Association

The International Security Driver Association serves our members by supporting an international forum of protection professionals who share their knowledge and experience for the education and benefit of the membership. We represent all aspects of the Executive Protection profession from all parts of the Globe. We serve members who are either inexperienced or experienced practitioners.

Whether you are exploring a career in executive protection, are new to the profession, are honing your expertise, or are an established security executive, the association offers its members benchmark educational, networking, and marketing programs.

For the New and Inexperienced

The association and its experienced members offer tools and services for those interested in obtaining a job or starting a career in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession. We share advice, job trends, and career information.

The membership represents all aspects of the profession, Corporate – High Net Worth – Private Security – Entertainment – Government, and Law Enforcement. Their value to the inexperienced members is their willingness to help others by sharing those experiences – the good – the bad, and the expensive – with the hope of preventing fellow members from making the same mistakes.

They share their knowledge and experience via white papers, articles, and research, all with the goal of sharing experience and enhancing the knowledge of the membership.

For the Experienced Professional

The Protective Services business is continuously evolving. Strategic decision-making is a significant factor in mitigating risk. Sound decisions require timely and relevant information. To meet the profession’s needs, ISDA researches the topics that affect our Profession.

We research Executive Vehicles and Equipment, such as autonomous and armored vehicles. We scientifically analyze past and present Secure Transportation scenarios and develop lessons learned. We examine new trends in training programs and changes in Social Media. The association curates Job Opportunities and, with the assistance of the membership, develops best practices for the protection professional. We present the results of our constant and ongoing research in the form of White Papers, eBooks, Booklets, and Special Edition magazines,  free of charge to the members.

Also, for those practitioners in positions of responsibility, we ask you to pass it forward by creating clarity in the profession and sharing your knowledge.

For the Protective Services Provider

For those who have acquired the skills and knowledge to compete in the marketplace, their next challenge is getting Experience, Skill, and Knowledge (ESK) to the market. For our members, we offer programs that assist their marketing efforts. ISDA has created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool – word-of-mouth. ISDA also supplies protective services providers’ business data that will assist them in marketing and operational planning.

Experience Skill and Knowledge Triangle 

Whether inexperienced or experienced, passion and desire alone are not enough to achieve success or enhance a career. Having the desire to pursue your passion is a necessary part of the roadmap to success. But it would be best to gain career capital by collecting marketable skills, knowledge, and experience (ESK).


The International Security Driver Association ESK Triangle

The Career Success Triangle can be used to develop a Plan – A Roadmap.

Those who do not succeed in the profession or do not reach their goals fail because one of the pieces of the Triangle was missing, was not marketable, or was the wrong ESK for the intended purpose.

Through the Knowledge Center, we supply our members with marketable Knowledge – our experienced members (an average of 15 years of experience) outline the Skillsets needed – we conduct research and supply metrics and data needed to get member skills to the marketplace and the networking to gain Experience.

The ESK information comes from those that have a long history of success in the profession and have demonstrated a willingness to share their experience for the benefit of the membership.

An important concept to understand is that – The Skill – Knowledge, and Experience needed for success are determined by the job market – not the training providers. There are some training providers that will use your desire and passion to sell training that has no market value.

Assistance Selecting a Training Provider

One of the questions most frequently asked on social media and our Network is, “What training program should I attend?” We cannot recommend training programs – but we do supply the Metrics for selecting training program that meets the member’s goals. We do that by researching the job market and curating the skills they request. We post job opportunities –  post articles from members who have had the same experience you are having. They outline their roadmap. Our members discuss the road they have taken, and you learn from their experiences.

Assistance Gaining Experience

We cannot supply our members with experience, but we can supply them with the tools and metrics to gain experience.

For many, finding a career path or advancing their career is the most challenging task they face. There are no guarantees for success, but there is a path to it. Many may have the desire and passion for succeeding in the profession, but to have a successful career requires a plan and a roadmap. A roadmap describes a destination or one’s goals. It shows the practical steps necessary to get to the desired destination.

The International Security Driver Association has created a Protective Services Roadmap to success. As you move down the roadmap, there is a better chance of success if you have someone who can help you navigate the roadmap – a mentor. A mentor who has traveled down this road before knows where all the potholes are and is willing to share their experience with you, someone who will give you the painful and expensive life lessons they have learned and do so just to help you, with no profit motive or ego involved.

Where can you find these people? They’re members.