A Guide to Using the Post – 9/11 GI Bill Educational Benefits


If you are a Veteran asking one of these two questions, “What schools accept the GI or Post 911 Bill” or “I am about to end my military service, and I want to get into Protection Profession, is there a school that takes the Post- 9/11 GI Bill Educational Benefits”?

An Article

We strongly suggest you read ISDA member Christopher Martin’s outstanding article titled: “I’m not telling you how to do it, but I “heard” this could be done…” The article outlines how Chris successfully maximized his VA Educational Benefits.

From the article:

We are veterans of the greatest military power in the world, entrusted to protect a nation that’s sole existence is to create the most diverse melting pot of opportunity on the planet.  It is an obligation to the brothers and sisters you served with, the tireless family that supported you, and the country that revered you; to take advantage of the opportunity you have right now.

It’s an opportunity for you to utilize every experience you’ve created with blood, sweat, and surgeries, and reinforce a foundation that breeds the unrelenting potential to positively impact the rest of your life and everyone you choose to keep in it.  Just like the day you were allowed to put your family’s name on the same piece of clothing that carries this nation’s colors; this is a benefit that was earned; and one that should not be disrespectfully ignored.

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A Video

Using the Veteran Affairs Website to make an educated decision about your education can be difficult. The site is not intuitive; in fact, it can be hard to negotiate through the site. ISDA has created a video to help Veterans get through the maze. We point out two tools that can help answer your questions. The first is the GI Bill School locator. The Locator does just that, locates a higher education or non-degree school that accepts the GI Bill. The second is the School Benefits Comparison Tool which shows details about the benefits if you attend a particular school.


We suggest to those looking for answers to the above question keep in mind that training providers do not have your best interest at heart. They are there to increase their cash flow that is not a criticism it is an observation.

We echo Chris’ sentiments:

“This is a benefit that was earned; and one that should not be disrespectfully ignored.”