Use of Rental Vehicles for Secure Transportation

56% Of Those Who Supply Secure Transportation Use Rental Vehicles – the title of this article comes from data collected from the 2019 ISDA Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey. The following are the results of the questions asked.

The Vehicle Type Most Often Rented

The vehicle most often rented was an SUV. This reinforces the need to have a driver who understands the differences between the driving characteristics of sedans and SUVs. It is also essential that the driver recognizes the vehicle warning systems, for example, blind side detection. In an emergency, the car supplies the driver with a warning— and it should not be the first time the driver has heard this signal. The time wasted determining what the problem is can—and will— be dangerous for both the
driver and the passengers.

When Traveling, Do You Hire Drivers?

Forty-six percent of participants employ security drivers when traveling— a figure much lower than our initial expectation. This indicates a need for security drivers who have an understanding of the IRS code for secure transportation. Private security historically has supplied unqualified drivers. Using security drivers also requires an understanding of the IRS regulation governing secure transportation.

If a provider supplies “secure transportation,” they must be in compliance with the IRS code that defines secure transportation. Many secure transportation providers use those two words as a marketing tool, but if a supplier does not comply with the IRS code, they expose their client to financial risk.

If You Do Hire Drivers, How Do You Vet the Drivers?

Most of the drivers are found via Word of Mouth (WOM), but the survey responses indicated it was through a combination of experience, recommendations, and training.

For decades the best marketing strategy has been WOM. A suggested book is the Trusted Advisor.

For more information on car rentals as it pertains to secure transportation, read this article from Vehicle Dynamics Institute. Also, download this free rental vehicle checklist for secure transportation providers.