The 85% Rule

This is a phrase you see often in books – magazine articles – on power points presentations – “85 % of all attacks against the principal happen in or near a vehicle” – the number may vary, but never lower than 50%. So how much of your time and training is spent planning to protect the executive while in a vehicle? And what skills do you need to accomplish that goal?

The question becomes – “What skills do you need to keep the principal safe while in a vehicle?” The best source of information IS NOT what training providers tell you, it is what the job market tells you.

We have put together a collection of corporate executive and security driver job descriptions. Keep in mind that this is not what I – Joe Autera – or TSVDI thinks. This is what the people who do the hiring think. Since this is coming from various corporations and high net worth details some of the below is redundant.

Skills Needed

Master vehicle dynamics and defensive and evasive driving skills at an evaluated training program.

Attend annual training and successfully meet requirements.

Participate in training on general executive protection and security related driving techniques: surveillance detection, pre-attack recognition and avoidance

Receives training and understands the concepts of

Route Advances

Alternate Routes

Route surveys,

Identifying safe havens and emergency resources

Learns and practices surveillance detection and pre-attack recognition and avoidance skills.

Understands the “defensive use of force continuum” doctrine of the organization (Optional)

Masters non-lethal defensive skills and equipment (Optional)

Certification in American Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR techniques

I know I am being repetitive, BUT, the above is not what we think it is from CORPORATE JOB DESCRIPTIONS.