Armored Vehicle Basics Part One – Online Program

Armored Vehicle Basics – Part One is a short presentation of an upcoming online learning course covering Armored Vehicles.

Additional Armored Vehicles course modules will include:

  • Armored Cars and Tires
  • Best Practices for Purchasing Armored Vehicles
  • Seams and Gaps
  • Payload
  • Ballistic Glass
  • Driving an Armored Vehicle
  • Ballistic Standards
  • Armoring Small Vehicles

Other Online Courses:

  • Social Media and Business
  • Selecting Executive Vehicles
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Security Driving
  • Case Histories Lessons Learned
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Working with Training Providers

The courses will be available to all practitioners and offered to ISDA Members free or at a significant discount. All courses will include downloadable material and quizzes. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In the meantime, please visit the ISDA YouTube channel. We recently added a series of Ambush-related videos to our channel. The series consists of the following:

  • De Gaulle Ambush
  • Saudi Prince ambush
  • Aldo Moro
  • Clear and Present Danger
  • Hans Martin Schleyer
  • The Attack on President Shevardnadze

To be notified when new videos are added to this series and many others we’ll be creating; we suggest you subscribe to the ISDA YouTube channel.

In keeping with the ISDA mantra of Sharing Knowledge, ISDA members are welcome to post their educational content. Members can contact ISDA for more information. We will be sharing the ISDA YouTube Channel videos through our newsletters and the ISDA Network. If you have specific ideas on the security/business-related videos you would like us to produce, please email us at [email protected].

Looking forward to your comments and feedback as we start sharing the ISDA Advantage -Knowledge: in video format.