60% of ‘Mishaps’ Involving U.S. Armored Vehicles Overseas Were Preventable

State Dept.: 60% of ‘Mishaps’ Involving U.S. Armored Vehicles Overseas Were Preventable

My Thoughts

This is not only a problem for the State Department overseas; it is a problem for the security community in the US.

More companies are using Armored Vehicles in the US. In 2019 the number of participants using armored vehicles jumped to thirty-six percent. That is more than double the amount reported in the last survey (2017) and thirteen percent from the highest usage (2015). From recent ISDA Post

The Use of Armored Vehicles in Protective Services – From the 2019 Executive Vehicle Survey

Another indication of the increased use of Armored Vehicles is the number of students attending the VDI Armored Vehicle course has significantly increased. As the report mentions, the problem is the drivers. We (ISDA and VDI) have authored many white papers on this and similar subjects for our members and clients.

We (ISDA) have mentioned this in previous posts – Here is the bottom line – attending an Executive Protection training program and having a driver’s license does not make an individual a security driver. You wouldn’t allow the security professional to carry a gun without first objectively measuring their ability to use it: so why would you let a person drive the principal if you don’t objectively measure their ability to drive?

I’ll talk more about this in future posts. I love to hear what you all have to say about this.

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