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ADAS Can Present Challenges to Security Drivers

Most executive vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which are controlled by algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions that takes input and produces the desired output. The ADAS algorithm takes input from the driver and decides when to take control of the vehicle. This happens when the algorithm determines that the driver is operating the vehicle unsafely.

However, in a security scenario, the driver may need to deviate from the path the ADAS wants to take, causing potential issues.

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ISDACenterOrg New Mercedes Guard Car

Known by its full name as the Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard 4Matic. It is available with a long wheelbase. The sedan has been engineered to receive VPAM VR10 certification. VR10 is the highest certification ballistic standard available to civilians. VPAM means a complete vehicle was tested and certified. Basically, It’s the highest level with regard to ballistic protection for a civilian vehicle.

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