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A collection of Executive Protection/Secure Transportation Articles.

Sharing Knowledge
Although there are no metrics that cover “Sharing Knowledge,” in 2019, the amount of information and knowledge shared by the ISDA membership is unsurpassed in the profession. In 2019 ISDA and its members shared; articles, posts, podcasts, books, and YouTube videos. The knowledge they shared encompassed; Armored Vehicles, the Business of Protection, Surveillance Detection, Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, Business Metrics, Executive Vehicles, Selecting Training providers, and Secure Transportation.  

We (ISDA) are proud and humbled by the volume of information and knowledge shared by our members.

The list below is a small amount of the information available in the ISDA Member Resource Center. The Center is an encyclopedia of Executive Protection/Secure Transportation Knowledge.

Below are links to free educational content.  These links are just a small sample of what is available in the member’s’ Knowledge Center.