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These are two research papers put together to build a knowledge base on the topic of ambush assaults against law enforcement.

In light of the present conditions in this country, both for Law Enforcement Community and those who supply Secure Transportation, these studies would be a good read. Although meant for Law Enforcement, there are sections in both reports that would apply to those who supply Secure Transportation.

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ISDA is collecting data to determine the amount of money spent on Executive Protection and Security Driving Training.

In conducting the research, we collected some interesting information. We looked at a government site that gathers data on Executive Protection Training schools that offered the Post-9/11 GI Bill; the data is from 2018.

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Autonomous Vehicle Levels

It seems that every news agency and certainly every auto-enthusiast magazine and blog are discussing autonomous vehicles and the technology that goes into making vehicles self-driving. What isn’t really discussed or understood is that there are different levels of self-driving.

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What does a lot of knowledge look like? How about two, two-inch-thick books?

A while back Joe and I decide to put all our articles, posts, white papers, and research not yet published, together in one document.

The goal of collecting the information was to determine if we had enough material for a book. When the information was collected, the results were two, two -inch-thick books. So I guess the answer is yes. The attached is a picture of one of the books, the table of contents is three pages long for each book.

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Blink of an Eye Metric Version

Security Driving is a decision-making process that requires the driver to manage time and distance, and anything that slows that process down can and often does become an emergency. Whether driving the boss to work, in a low-risk environment or driving an armored vehicle in a high-risk environment, understanding the basic principles of managing time and distance is life-saving knowledge.

Our frame of reference for measuring time and distance is the speedometer which supplies information in units of kilometers and hours – KPH. The driver does not have an hour or a kilometer to make life-saving decisions; in a vehicle emergency, Kilometer Per Hour is an irrelevant unit of measurement.

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These pictures are taken from the Al Qaeda magazine Inspire, Issue 16. This issue of the magazine offers lessons on building a pressure cooker bomb and where, when and how to detonate the bomb for maximum effectiveness. The picture outlines the four steps in building a successful pressure cooker bomb.

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Inside the Bubble is a new book authored by ISDA Member Mark James. Mark came to the Protective Services Profession via the corporate community. He is a former corporate executive and performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies and now executive director of a full service protection agency, Panther Protection.

Although Mark is emphatic that his book is not about “Protective Services”, and we agree, it is a book that should be read by all security practitioners.

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