What it Takes to Make an Armored Car

An interesting and informative article from the February issue of Motor Trend Magazine. The article covers the process used by armored car manufacturers to produce an armored vehicle.

It covers the subjects of Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Payload, the types of armored material used, such as opaque and transparent armor.

The article also covers what they call overlapping, a thin band that goes around the perimeter of the door or on the vehicle’s frame that prevents rounds from entering the vehicle within the seams of the door. And of course, they cover the cost of doing all that.

The article starts with a comment we (ISDA) disagree with. “With armored car sales up over the past few years, we agree with that statement, but it goes on to stay that
automakers including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz have joined with small, specialized manufacturers to offer a wide variety of bulletproof and even mine-resistant cars, trucks, and SUVs. Which is not correct the Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEM’s were manufacturing armored vehicle many years before aftermarket came into the picture.

Also, the OEM manufacturing process is very different from the aftermarket companies. Not good or bad, but different.


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