The Science of Driving – Driving the Equations

I have found that my sense of curiosity has not been affected by my advanced years; I still enjoy reading and analyzing the information presented in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) white papers. (close to 200 of them).

The problem is that most of these papers are written in the engineering community’s language – equations. They are often hard for the average person to comprehend. My goal is to interpret them into a language that the Protection Community and Protective Driver trainers can understand and use.

With the advent of ADAS, ESC, and a host of other computerized vehicle controls, new equations are being created; algorithms developed that change how we drive, secure our principal, and conduct protective driver training.

As we have for 46 years, once we review the data and examine the equations gathered from our research Joe Autera and the VDI Team test our data for accuracy. For 45 years, we call this “driving the equations.” With the addition of ADAS and ESC, there are new equations that training providers must be aware of and insert into existing or add new training exercises.  

Our goal is to supply the ISDA Members with actionable information. All our findings are available in the Encyclopedia of EP and Secure Transportation, located in the member section of the ISDA website.

These are “a few” of the Engineering Documents that are the foundation of our 45-year methodology. 

ISDA Standards Appendix