The ISDA Inspire Magazine Collection of Posts

In light of the recent publishing of Inspire Magazine Issue 17, which calls on its followers to target trains in the US and Europe. We(ISDA) are re-posting our content that covers the publication.

The recent news on Issue 17

Some of these posts are for all in the profession. Others are for ISDA Members only.

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Momentum Weapons: A Strategic Response – By ISDA Member Ken Pennington
This is a concept paper that involves the application of inter-disciplinary risk analysis models evolved by the University of Hull, where Member Ken Pennington is a Visiting Fellow. The article is in response to the problem of ‘momentum weapon’ terrorist attacks.  This is not intended to be an academic paper per se but rather a discussion of the concept.
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Do You Have Loopholes? The Importance of Surveillance Detection
In many scenarios, surveillance detection is not only the best protection but may also be the only protection.

Al Qaeda Magazine Inspire Issue 16

Jihadist Magazine (Inspire) Called For Using Trucks to Kill in 2010
The article titled “The Ultimate Mowing Machine” called for jihadists to use a pickup truck as a mowing machine, not to mow grass but to mow down the enemies of Allah.

Vehicles as Weapons of Terror

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Inspire Magazine
Inspire is an English-language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda. The Magazine is one of the many ways they use to reach an internet audience. Inspire Magazine is a planning guide for “lone wolf terrorists.”

A suggestion would be to read or have someone in your organization read the magazines for no other reason than to ensure they are not talking about your area of responsibility.

Past Inspire Magazine Issues