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ISDA receives volumes of information through news, social media networks, and research. The EPST news shares some of the data we receive with the community. This post covers tires – cleanliness of executive vehicles and articles and the latest EPST podcast episodes. This is not a substitute for the EP and Secure Transportation (EPST) Magazine. EPST Magazine is a quarterly publication and the next issue due out in a month or two.


The Protective Services business is continuously evolving. We (ISDA) realize that strategic decision making is a significant factor in mitigating risk. Sound decisions require timely and relevant information. To meet the needs of the membership, ISDA has supplied members with operational and business data that has assisted in the preparation of benchmarking, marketing, and operational planning. This is a small example:

What Goes Into The Materials and Process of Armoring a Vehicle?

The URL listed below appeared in the latest issue of the Executive Protection Secure Transportation Magazine. It is a question and answer outline submitted by ISDA Member Mark Caldwell. The Q and A covers the importance of selecting the correct material when armoring a vehicle and the all-important armoring process is available for download. The outline can be used by those looking to purchase an armored vehicle. It covers the advantage and disadvantages of the various types of armor and the assembly process.

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Learn About Your Tires

Your only contact with mother earth while in a vehicle is your tires. Also, tires are one of the few components on the vehicle that you as the security driver can control. The performance of your vehicle in an emergency is predicated on the tire – you control it.


Living Life In the Fast Lane – Part 2

Here’s the second episode of the interview that VDI’s President & CEO, Joe Autera, recently did with John Cowling for the International Security Journal’s Leaders in Security series – https://internationalsecurityjournal.com/living-life-in-the-fast-lane-part-2/

In case you missed the first episode, it can be found here: https://internationalsecurityjournal.com/exclusive-living-life-in-the-fast-lane-part-1/

Baby Wrangling: When Your Principal Is A Child.

Almost every career executive protection agent will at some point be faced with the task of protecting a principal’s child or a child as a primary principal.  Obviously, children as principals will present different risks and protective environments than adults.  However, until recently I didn’t realize just how different these risks and environments could be.


ISDA Podcast

In case you missed it, ISDA has re-launched its much-acclaimed podcast – Executive Protection and Secure Transportation News. Every week we share secure transportation and executive protection knowledge, headlines, trends, educational content, and announcements from the International Security Driver Association and SecurityDriver.Com A new episode is published every Tuesday at 12 PM. You can find it in your favorite podcast app.

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Editorial and PSA – Distracted Driving

I have recently come across videos on social media networks that show EP professionals talking into a camera mounted on a dashboard (or hand-held in some cases) and doing so while driving – and at times, taking both hands off the steering wheel.

Although they profess to be protectors and may well have thriving careers in EP, I suggest they start by protecting the people on the road with them. They are driving with no regard for the safety of those around them when they could easily pull off the road or wait until they are at a static location.
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