Constant Learning Program – After Action Report


On August 21st, the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) conducted the first in a series of Constant Learning Programs for the protective services community.

ISDA would like to thank those that attended.

There were 27 attendees from five countries. They represented a mix of corporate and private security.

The August Constant Learning Program covered best practices for purchasing/renting executive and armored vehicles, cyber hacking, the role of SUVs in Secure Transportation, plus a review of the top five executive/security vehicles.

Attendees also received a collection of white papers, including best practices for purchasing and renting armored vehicles, cyber hacking, vehicle safety, plus much more.

The ISDA Constant Learning Programs (CLP) are free to members and offered at a fee to nonmembers. The CLPs are recorded and are available to the members in the ISDA Resource Center.

Future CLPs will include a series of topic-specific programs presented by ISDA members – subjects to include:

  • Social Media and Business
  • Surveillance Detection
  • The Basics of Security Driving
  • Case Histories, Lessons Learned
  • Workplace Violence and EP

The next CLP date will be announced soon. As always, the programs are free to ISDA members; non-members will pay a nominal fee. Please look for future email updates from ISDA on webinar information and other news and articles.

Program Feedback

  • Excellent information!  Looking forward to more webinar’s.  Being the driver of a 2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium trim I learned a lot on this webinar about the decisions my Boss and I made when deciding to get this vehicle.  I feel good about our decision when using the vehicle for everyday executive transportation, but like I said in my comments, in a real security, emergency those safety features of the vehicle can hinder my ability to get out of a bad situation. Again, thank you for a great webinar
  • Great info, as expected.
  • I’ve presented about a dozen webinars and know exactly what Tony is feeling re that experience. As an instructor/presenter the lack of direct feedback from the audience (visual, body language) is disconcerting. Please let him know that from the audience’s perspective, he is doing just fine!
  • Thanks guys awesome info
  • Great class
  • Thanks for the great session.
  • Thanks for having me guys, very new to the industry and will be absorbing it all that I can get from the experience of all
  • It was a privilege to listen to you; your legacy will endure through
  • All us “instructors” – thank you for your time

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