Which Car is the “Safest” – ISDA Member Joe Autera

Though our students are typically experienced professionals – when last surveyed they had, on average, just shy of 15 years of Security Driving/Executive Protection experience – we often get “the question.”

Which Car is the Safest?

That question is which car is the “safest.” Now, some are asking because they want to make sure their loved ones are behind the wheel of the safest vehicle possible. Others ask because their employer, Principal, or client is soliciting their professional opinion. For many, it’s a combination of the two coupled with a desire to improve their knowledge about the tools of their trade.

Some folks will ask our opinion on which is the “best” vehicle as well. While what constitutes the “best” vehicle versus the “safest” vehicle depends on what the vehicle is being used for, the locale in which vehicle is being used, and who is behind the wheel, from our perspective driver and passenger safety should always be the primary consideration.

We came across this article when it was recently shared by ISDA member James Gilmore at JMF Coach, a top tier provider of concierge-level transportation services (up to, and including, security driving) in the Boston area.

First published in 2018, it’s an excellent primer on what factors define a safe vehicle, though it should be noted that, from a security perspective, there are other factors that influence the decision regarding the use of certain types of vehicles.

About the Author

Joseph Autera is the President & CEO of Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute, one of the world’s foremost providers of highly advanced, specialized driver training program. During his 20+ year tenure in the private security profession Mr. Autera has been responsible, at various times, for planning, directing and participating in threat detection, anti-terrorism security, and executive protection in various moderate and high risk locales, ranging from South and Central America, Europe, and both the Middle and Far East. His diverse experience also includes serving as the Director of Global Security for a multinational technology concern, as the Vice President of Global Security Services for one of the world’s leading providers of global risk mitigation and international crisis management services, and as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.