Training to a Certificate

The debate of Certification vs. Certificate continues to fill the Social Media.

It is ISDA’s opinion many of the training organizations misuse the word certification. Most of the training offered in the industry is not for certification – it is training to a certificate. Although a training certificate is valuable, it is not a certification as defined by the credentialing organizations that are the standard in all other industries.

Also the training community does not set the criteria for Certification. For a Certification to be recognized by the market it serves, requires a combination of experience, and a certification process that ensures an individual has been tested and measured to an objective standard. The quality and legitimacy of a certification is determined by the standards used to govern the program.

Hence a question, and maybe the most important question, you ask the training provider – What are the standards I will be trained to, and where are these standards documented.

The International Security Driver Association does offer a certification for those members that meet the requirements. It is not for everybody. Members must have the skills, experience and pass and exam (knowledge). For more information on our certification program click here.

For more information on Certification in general visit the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.