Tom Cruise Cyber Vehicle Theft

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Cruise’s BMW X7 was stolen by a cyber hack. It was outside Birmingham Grand Hotel while Mr. Cruise was shooting for Mission Impossible 7.

The vehicle was transportation for the actor Tom Cruise and contained Mr. Cruise’s luggage. From all reports, he was not happy, and we would imagine that the transportation providers had some explaining to do.

Not knowing the actual circumstances, it’s hard to place blame, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the driver and the company supplying Mr. Cruise with his transportation.

What is of concern to Security Drivers and Secure Transportation providers is how the thieves stole the BMW.

The thieves allegedly used a scanner to clone the car’s keyless ignition fob.

Lately, car thieves have found a way around this security measure and have started using devices called code grabbers to perform a SERA (or ‘Signal Extender Relay Attack’).

If you Google “Signal Extender Relay Attack,” you will find numerous websites where you can purchase a device that will clone your car keys and allow thieves to enter your vehicle.

ISDA is putting together a white paper concerning the problem, which will be available to our members.

In the interim, we suggest looking into and investing in a product called a Faraday Bag.

Commonly referred to as signal-blocking pouches. The Faraday bags, lined with layers of metallic material, can block a key’s signals from reaching the outside world. A faraday bag provides a signal blocker for your vehicle key fob and prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key to shield against break-ins and keyless ignition theft.

You can purchase them from Amazon. Also, you can buy similar Faraday Bags for your phone.

A company called Silent Pocket sells Faraday Bags for your Key FOB and your Cell Phones.


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