The Tire Extinguishers Are Here

The “Tire Extinguishers” have arrived in the U.S., and if you drive an SUV, they will deflate one of your tires. Late last month (June), they deflated the tires on 40 SUVs on the Upper East Side of NYC. Their website claims they have done the same in Chicago and the Bay area.

Do you drive your principal in an SUV?

If so, you might become a target for this environmental activist group.

Their website explains why they are doing this, and they are nice enough to leave a leaflet on your SUV to explain why they just deflated your tire – nice of them. The flyer starts by saying that it’s not personal it’s your car. Their website also covers how to spot an SUV and instructions on deflating tires.

We find it interesting that Hybrid and electric vehicles are not immune from tire deflation. The group feels that the environmental costs of producing and running these large vehicles also hurts the environment.

We (the International Security Driver Association) suggest that if your Executive Vehicle is an SUV, you look at the security of the location where the SUV is garaged when not in use. If you must leave the SUV unattended for any reason, we suggest you look at the tire pressure monitoring system on the vehicle before going. They are letting the air out of the tires and not cutting them. Also, if you do not already have one, get a portable air pump.

If your Principal or Executives have family members driving SUVs, you may want to let them know that a deflated tire may be in their future.


The Tire Extinguishers Arrived in the U.S.

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