The Science of Escaping the Kill Zone

The Kill Zone is a phrase often associated with high-risk driving, but it can describe any scenario that creates an emergency for the driver. The scenario can be driving the principal to the office or taking him/her to a venue.

Anytime the principal is moving in a vehicle, there is a possibility of an emergency scenario.  Kill Zones are not subjective; they are science – escaping them, understanding them, and avoiding them is based on the laws of physics.

No matter the scenario, a Kill Zone is a time-distance relationship.

This video is one of several that appear on the ISDA YouTube channel and will be part of an upcoming series of online training produced by the International Security Driver Association (ISDA).

Escape The Kill Zone®

We recently added a series of Ambush-related videos to our channel. The series consists of:

  • De Gaulle Ambush
  • Saudi Prince ambush
  • Aldo Moro
  • Clear and Present Danger
  • Hans Martin Schleyer
  • The Attack on President Shevardnadze

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