The Science of Driving – “What If”

Many times, when we examine a vehicle ambush, the discussions will always ask the question, “What If.” What if the driver moved the steering wheel a half a second sooner – applied the brakes a second earlier – made a decision quicker – could use more of the vehicle capability.

By taking advantage of the advancements in combining computer program animation software, and vehicle dynamics with human reaction, ISDA has the capability of recreating vehicle attacks. The program can change the vehicle’s characteristics, such as suspension, front or rear-wheel drive, tire pressure, and varying payloads, and change the Center of Gravity height, including adding or removing Electronic Stability Control (ESC). 

We can change the driver’s reaction time where and how much they move the steering wheel. Decision sight distance can be changed – when, where, and how hard the driver applies the brakes can be varied.  

We can factor in all those parameters and develop lessons learned, increasing the accuracy of scenario-based training.

This technology is in the upcoming International Security Driver Association (ISDA) “The Science of Secure Transportation Online training programs. 

This is a basic example of what can be accomplished. Download the PDF