When Stuff Happens You Can’t Be Average


If an individual has an average occupation, my guess would be they can survive having average skills. But as a member of the protection profession, you can’t be average.

Practitioners with average skills get average jobs and average or below average salaries. If there is a desire to develop a career vs. working jobs it would be a good idea to find what makes you above average, in fact, the higher end of the job market demands it, and you should demand it of yourself.

For the new and inexperienced the answer to the question – “What makes you above average” – starts with your training.

Simply going to an EP School at best makes you equal to the thousands who have attended EP Training programs.

Whatever training program you attended, your knowledge and skill must be measured to a documented standard. When searching for a training provider, ask them a few simple questions:

How do you objectively measure my skills?
What standard am I being measured to?
Where is that standard documented?
Don’t take anecdotal information as proof; it’s your money, it’s your future, demand proof of skill and competence.

For every training exercise, every classroom ask and understand, “Why am I doing this? Why is this significant?”

Ask yourself – What do I need to do to separate myself from the pack?


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