Some Articles About Run Flats Have Been In The News. 

The one that caught our attention was from Autoweek Magazine – Why Do Run Flat Tires Suck? Science, and Tradeoffs

We respectfully disagree with them. The article talks about the Self-Supporting Run Flats System. These are not the type of Run-Flat that is used in most Security and Armored Vehicles.

There are two primary types of run-flat tire systems: The Self-Supporting System and The Run Flat Insert.

The Self-Supporting tire systems feature reinforced sidewall construction that will continue supporting the vehicle in the event of air loss up to the speed and distance specified by the manufacturer.

Run Flat tire insert systems employ a ring of hard rubber or another structure material that can support the vehicle’s weight in an air loss condition. We put together the pros and cons of both systems in our Podcast Episode 177 – Basic Outline of CG, Tires, Run Flats on Armored Vehicles.

Also, ISDA Member Gerardo Corona’s article about Run Flats goes beyond the concept of using Run Flats. He gets into the effectiveness of an ambush scenario; also a must-read.

The Wildcard of Security Driving: Run Flat Inserts – Part 1