Member Spotlight – George Sardelis

We’ve had an influx of new members over the last few months; our new members represent all sectors of the profession and spread across the globe.

But there is one new member that I would like to bring to your attention; his name is George Sardelis.

George is somewhat unique in our profession, and we are fortunate to have him as a member. On January 12 of 2009, as George was driving his principle to work, about 300 meters from their home, he was blocked in by two vehicles;  both he and his principal were kidnapped. George was released by the kidnappers so that he could act as the messenger to the family. After paying a $42,000,000 ransom, his principle was released. George took part in the negotiations, the delivery of the ransom money, and his principal’s retrieving.

Communicating with George brought me back to a conversation I had with Sidney Reso’s Security Driver, who was not driving Mr. Reso the morning he was kidnapped.

As with George, Mr. Reso’s driver told his boss where, when, and how an attack could occur.  Tragically both of them were correct, and in both cases,  for different reasons, they were acted on. 

George has written an excellent article describing the kidnapping, negotiations, and the eventual release of his principal. There are several passages in his article that get to the heart of what this is all about.

Georges Article

George’s contact information

George Sardelis
Address: 157 K.Karamanli ave Voula Athens
Mobile: (+30) 6940295000
Email – [email protected]
LinkedIn –
Website –