Marketing by Innuendo

Forty-five years ago, I established a method of instruction that can be described as a scientific and objective approach to driver training. Starting in the mid-’70s, our clients wanted – actually demanded – that the Scotti School supply an objective measurement of their employees’ driving skill, with the goal of producing a professional security driver who has been scientifically measured to an objective and documented standard. The goal was to create a standard and training system that would be accepted by the IRS, K&R, and corporate community, and that was accomplished. 

Over the last few years there have been a few training providers and security driver instructors that use the standard and methodology I created, and by association attach me to their training or instructor credentials. Some have used the phrase “Scotti-Certified Instructor.” With some, that may be correct, but the question is “When did I teach them?” I have not conducted a hands-on instructor training program for at least 5-to-8 years.

When you consider that I have been conducting security driver training programs, including an occasional instructor program for close to five decades, and also that Scotti School conducted training programs in 38 countries and every slice of the profession, I can understand why there may be confusion. So let me set the record straight. 

For the past 17 years, Joe Autera has made the effort to keep the standard going and he is the only Scotti-Certified Instructor on the planet. He is the only person who has taken the time and put in the effort to maintain and continually research the science of driving and used the data collected to upgrade the scenario-based exercises, which have been the staple of our training for 45 years.

In Peru, I also have faith in the training programs conducted by Mauricio Seoane Lari and his company AMSEL PERU SAC.

I’m sure there will be some kickback from this article, but keep in mind that in July of this year I achieved the status of an octogenarian and I no longer conduct hands-on training of any type: my career is behind me, hence, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says.