What does a lot of Knowledge look Like?

What does a lot of knowledge look like? How about two, two-inch-thick books?

A while back Joe Autera and I decide to put all our articles, posts, white papers, and research not yet published, together in one document.

The goal of collecting the information was to determine if we had enough material for a book. When the information was collected, the results were two, two-inch-thick books. So I guess the answer is yes. Above is a picture of one of the books, the table of contents is three pages long for each book.

Some of the information collected has been posted in Social Media. But the nature of Facebook and LinkedIn is that information is buried in the Social Media abyss in a day or less, and with the added “benefit” of our articles finding their way into other blogs – training programs – etc. as “original content.”  At this time, a small portion of the material is located in the articles sections of our websites (listed below), and the members-only section of the ISDA website – which is the home of close to 300 articles.

The question now becomes: How do we get all that knowledge out to the community, a book, Newsletters, Online Learning, Seminars?

More than likely the information will be disseminated via a book or a series of eBooks. But for now, we (ISDA and VDI) prefer our newsletters and websites as the primary method of disseminating the information, and in the future Online Learning Programs.

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