Instructor vs. Security Driver Certifications

Tony Scotti and Joe Autera Review Vehicle Dynamics diagnosticsThe International Security Driver Association (ISDA) is often asked if we certify instructors, the answer is NO, we certify Security Drivers. There is an instructor certification process that bears my name Tony Scotti, (Scotti Method).  This Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is not an ISDA process, but it is no different than any other real certification, as it requires a test of knowledge and skill plus experience. Unlike the ISDA Security Driver certification process,  instructor experience is not only measured in years but is also measured by training programs conducted.

All instructors who instruct the methodology have completed a rigorous and extensive instructor development program administered by Tony Scotti or Joe Autera.

To alleviate any confusion, all Instructor Certification Programs are managed and conducted by the Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI). The population of ICP Instructors is small, very small, and found only at VDI.

There is an ISDA connection to the Instructors Certification Program (ICP). VDI is the only training program that is authorized (and has the capability) to use the “Scotti Method”/ICP to conduct the skills portion of the ISDA Certification process. The end result is, using the ICP process, they can verify that a student’s skill has been objectively tested and measured to a documented standard set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, NHTSA, and prestigious universities.

The Instructor Qualification Process requires:

  • Successfully complete the Vehicle Dynamics Training Program administered by myself, Joe and Larry.
  • Pass a 40 question written test on exercise design and vehicle dynamics
  • Design, implement, a scenario-based driving exercise, plus develop an objective scoring system for the exercise
  • Conduct  600 Hours of documented hands-on training under the supervision of Joe and Larry
  • Complete an Adult Learning Program
  • Complete 100 hours of classroom instruction observed by Joe, Larry or myself
  • Research and write a white paper on the application of Vehicle Dynamics in the training process.
  • Recertify every 2 years under the supervision of Joe, Larry Side, or myself

If there are any questions, please contact me (Tony Scotti) at [email protected]

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