“High Performance Driving” – Defining and scientifically measuring driving skills

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An article that appeared in the December issue of Tactics and Preparedness. The title is “High-Performance Driving,” but is more about defining and scientifically measuring driving skills. The article’s contents will be familiar to ISDA Certificate Holders and VDI graduates.

Some excerpts from the article

“If a driver can use 50 percent of the vehicle’s emergency maneuvering capability –  they are considered an inexperienced driver.

What makes an 80% driver?

“When confronted with an emergency scenario, the 80% driver anticipates changes in the vehicle’s behavior and is ready to maximize the vehicle’s capability.  A 40% driver simply reacts to whatever the vehicle does.”

Giving yourself time and distance.

“An accident or an ambush is a time, distance relationship. No matter what skill level the driver possesses, bad things will happen if there is not enough time and distance to use the skill. The driver needs to have the correct amount of Sight Distance. “

“It makes no difference what training you received and where you received it or what type of vehicle you are driving – No matter what the scenario, accident or vehicle violence – If you don’t have enough sight distance at the speed you are moving, it is a no-win scenario.”