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If you have been anywhere near a Scotti School or VDI program, you know the importance we place on tires, they are your only connection with mother earth, and, when stuff happens,  they are the genesis of the decision-making process. We would like to show you, thanks to Jalopnik, what happens when you put a camera inside a tire.

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Could You Be Driving With Germs?

The 2019 Executive Vehicle Survey indicated that a majority of those that supply Secure Transportation Services to the Corporate and HNW market use Rent – A – Vehicles. If you responsible for the executive’s safety and there is a remote possibility that the principal will be riding in a Rent –A – Car or Ride Share vehicle, I would suggest they take a look at this article. You can tell them they are entering a vehicle with more germs than a toilet seat – that’s a pleasant thought. 

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Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing Executive Vehicles

These guidelines are to provide professional security drivers and other protection practitioners with best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting executive vehicles in an effort to minimize the risk of exposure to contaminants for drivers and passengers.

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ICYMI – A Podcast with Tony Scotti and Fred Burton – Fred and Tony discuss the Oscar García Harfuch’s Ambush – Executive Vehicles and Security Driver Training plus other Secure Transportation topics.

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A Podcast with ISDA Member Mary Beth Wilkas Janke

We hear from a former secret service agent who studied abnormal and forensic psychology. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke just published her memoir, The Protector: A Woman’s Journey from the Secret Service to Guarding VIPS and Working in Some of the World’s Most Dangerous Places. Janke shares her harrowing adventures around the world, along with some tips on how to stay calm in the middle of crisis.

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No Need For High Speed Paparazzi Evasion. Just Outsmart Them

From ISDA Member Mike Nossaman and our friends at the Protective Security Council, an article from Philip J Curlewis.

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