Does Security Driving have anything to do with Executive Protection – After Action Report

This part two of a post that originated on LinkedIn in October of 2015. The title of the post was

“Does Security Driving have anything to do with Executive Protection”.

My thoughts on the subject are skewed by human bias. The bias comes from my years in the profession and the market segment I worked with and in. My career has been mostly corporate, government, and law enforcement. I do not understand the private security (Those that market and supply protective services to the corporate community), and entertainment market – I have little or no experience working with that segment of the profession. This is not a criticism; it is a statement of fact.

The question was posted on LinkedIn, and on some Facebook Groups. Altogether, there were more than 150 comments, written by practitioners from the various segments of the profession, and varying degrees of experience.  Excerpts from the comments are outlined below.

The origin of the post came from a group of students asking the question while I was observing an EP Training program. At the time I could understand why they would ask the question, they are paying a considerable amount of money to attend an EP training program and Security Driving or Secure Transportation was hardly mentioned. This is not a criticism, it is an observation.

The same question was asked by a small number of Private Security proprietors, that is where the WOW came from.

We have excerpts from some, but not all the comments.

General comments concerning the question

“I suspect the reason for the question is that those asking it have limited experience and far less analytical ability”

“I can’t imagine that any “professional” protection agent would ask that question. It is undeniably yes!”

“If asked that question I would have the same reaction as you, “wow.” Followed closely by, “really?” Security driving is inextricably linked to the protective envelope”

“Forget attacks, advanced driving skills are essential for safe travelling by road. Road accidents remain a serious threat for EP.”

“The question is asked from a position of ignorance and stupidity from those who have failed to grasp the basics of EP”

Comments concerning training and cost

“I think that most protectors just don’t know what they don’t know if they have never received “valid” driving instruction.”

“And it’s not just about driving skills, but the ability to read the situation and adapt. I suspect it may not be emphasized in EP schools, or a desired posting, because it’s not considered the sexy part of EP work. Or maybe there’s a perception that anyone who has a driver’s license can do it, so, what’s the big deal? More emphasis is placed on weapons proficiency, even though we emphasize that use of a weapon is a last resort.”

“Why there isn’t more emphasis in training? One can only speculate. I’m willing to bet that vehicle operations training is simply deemed too expensive; difficult to quantify a return on investment; and that it’s a perishable skill (hence requiring more training and money in the future).”

“On the EP Training subject the least I would expect from any EP School that does not have a Protective Driving in their program is the strong suggestion on how important is to have a proper vehicle operations training like: Vehicle Selection, Security Driver Responsibilities.”

“Most of your “Professional EP Schools/Courses” stress shooting skills, hand to hand combat and marketing yourself yet forget the driving portion. My guess is that they figure everyone drives so why try to teach them what they already know. It’s a huge mistake!!!”

For a more In depth Synopsis of the comments

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