Do Training schools that advertise using the term “certification” lead to unrealistic expectations?

A question – Does the number of training schools that advertise using the term “certification” lead to unrealistic expectations. 

This question came from a comment from an article I posted on social media entitled Lessons learned from 45 years in the profession – How did they get that job? A link to the article is below.

The comment I received

“Does the number of training schools that advertise using the term “certification” lead to unrealistic expectations or assumptions on behalf of the attendee that might lead them into thinking guaranteed placement or success? Even with the best and most well respected “certifications” out there doesn’t mean you can apply what you’ve learned. As the article tells us, while success is in the eye of the beholder, a large amount of success these days isn’t based on experience or training but rather networking, and this isn’t an easy concept, and even more difficult to accept, especially for introverts.”

My Answer

Sir, to your question, in my honest opinion, the answer is a resounding YES. In the process of researching the EP/Secure Transportation training business, ISDA came across an interesting metric. Without searching for Executive Protection or Security Driving training, during a two-week time frame, we encountered over 70 training providers. If we extended the time frame, the number would be higher; our non-scientific estimate would be around 100, many of the training providers portraying an unrealistic view of the profession. 

The EP and Security Driving Training Market

Is there a large enough market to support this amount of training providers? Are there jobs available for their graduates? To get answers to these questions, ISDA is in the process of gathering data on the size of the EP/Security Driver Training market. We are researching both the dollar value of the market and the number of students produced per year. 

Lessons learned from 45 years in the profession.

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