Distracted While Marketing

We know that drinking and driving and texting and driving are dangerous and are hazardous to your health and the health of those who share the road with you.

But we need to add another scenario to the distracted while driving series, driving while marketing.

I recently watched a YouTube video produced by one of the many EP YouTube evangelists. The evangelist was supplying the latest EP tip, learning point, etc. The gentleman is talking into a camera mounted on his dashboard while he is driving. At times to make his point, he takes his hands off the steering wheel.

These folks make these YouTube videos profess to be EP experts and go to great lengths to discuss that they are protectors. Yet they’re driving distracted and driving with no hands on the steering wheel.

Although they profess to be protectors, my suggestion, my tip, is to start by protecting the people that are on the road with you—driving with no regard for the safety of those around them when it could be so easy to pull over and record your video.

I get it. It’s a free market economy. You can market whatever you would like, but you cross a line when you endanger the lives of others by your actions.


The fact is that while you’re looking at your smartphone for just 3 seconds and you’re traveling down the road at 40 MPH – you’ve traveled approximately 180 feet without looking where you are going.

If there were an emergency (someone crossing the road or a car in that popped out in front of you) within that distance, you would not see it.

We all take our jobs as security professionals seriously while protecting a principal. You should take the same amount of care while you are driving in your neighborhood.

The next time you think of making a video while driving – don’t. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.