The Difference Between an EP Job and an EP Career

Are you training for a job or a career?

It seems that one of the most asked questions on social media is – What EP/CP training program should I attend? Those that ask that question need to ask one of themselves – What are my goals? Are you looking for a career or are you satisfied with a job? What is it that I want from the training program and what will be my training ROIIt must be noted that many of the highlevel EP Practitioners have never attended an EP Training program.

There is a significant difference between a job and a career. By definition, a career is a series of connected employment opportunities, where you build up skills at earlier employment opportunities to move you into higher paying and higher prestige employment opportunities.

A job is simply something you do, full or parttime to earn money. If you have done nothing to make the transition from job to career, you will always be working in a job.

Are you training for a job or enhancing your career?

Will the training you receive prepare you for a job or a career in Protective Services? No matter what the training provider markets, entering a training program with no professional experience MAY qualify the graduate for a job, and it MAY be the first step towards a career.

If you have a career, the goal should be career enhancement.

Ask  – Is the training I am purchasing meeting the needs of the market?

Finding a job or starting a career assumes the training received provides the skill and knowledge that the job market is searching for. Ask your training provider – How does spending training time working diamond formations, or spending days on the shooting rangeprepare me for a job or a career?

At all times – Keep in mind that it is the job market that determines the skill sets needed and the criteria for employment – NOT THE TRAINING PROVIDER.

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