Core Skills for EP from the UK’s Security Industry Authority (SIA) 

Some of the ISDA members from the UK and some of the social media community criticize the Security Industry Authority (SIA). We have seen posts from the UK CP practitioners criticizing the SIA, and we (ISDA) don’t know why.

This is SIA’s Core Skills Required For Providing Protective Services; it is a 34-page document. In our (ISDA) humble opinion – this document is better than anything that exists in the US.

Go to page 10 For Reconnaissance and planning while driving.

Go to page 29 to review their “Maintain Protection Whilst Driving” Performance Requirements.

2018 ▶ Occupational Requirements for providing Protective Services

They also have created the Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives, which leads to an SIA license for Close Protection. The training must include 14 topics.