What Does your Certification Program Cost?

aaeaaqaaaaaaaawoaaaajgmxyjmzmgmxlwnjngytndqymi1hnmqwltm2mmvmodczymu1yqThis is a comment we hear often when we (ISDA) are asked about our certification. Our answer is simple – No offense, but the ISDA Certification  IS NOT FOR SALE

What that comment points out is the mentality in the industry – go to a training program and come out certified – the thought pattern is that with my tuition I purchased a certification. We (ISDA) cannot comprehend how anyone, with little or no experience can expect to attend a three, seven whatever day training program and feel they are ready for employment never mind certified.

The real world view is, that a certification must be EARNED through a test of knowledge and skill coupled with extensive experience.

ISDA’s definition of certification


ISDA Certification Standards – Derivation of ISDA Methodology