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2013 ASIS Career Opportunities in Security

ASIS Career Opportunities in Security

2013 ASIS Career Opportunities Informational Report has been compiled to give you a better idea of the prerequisites for entering management-track supervisory and non-supervisory positions in those specialties. In addition to the entry-level data, there is information concerning the duties of mid-level management and non-management personnel in those specialties.

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OSAC Evasive Driving

OSAC Basic Evasive Driving

Basic Evasive Driving Techniques
A Product of the OSAC Research & Information Support Center (RISC) in conjunction with the Diplomatic Security Training Center.

A driver’s proper mindset is both reactive and proactive, allowing her to be reactive in a productive way, and helping her to recognize the signs of an attack that may only register as instinct.

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Operational Orders for Driving a Congressman

driving congressman

An 8-page document outline, in detail, the tasks required to drive a member of Congress. It can serve as a guide to driving principal. The introduction; “As the driver and the advance person your primary job is making certain that the day to day travel and events proceed as planned and that the congressman is on time to events and able to focus on the event and not the logistics behind the event.”

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The Executive Protection Skills Gap


In an attempt to get a better understanding of the Skills Gap that exists in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession, ISDA researched the job market. Our goal was to determine the skills, education and/or training, and experience that are the most sought after by the Executive Protection job market.

The data was acquired by reviewing job offers from 60 companies.

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