Finding Executive Protection Jobs on LinkedIn

One of the most common questions posted on Social Media is – “Where do I find job opportunities in [insert location]”.

One of the best kept secrets is that LinkedIn has the capability to find job opportunities, and it also has other search functions that will assist in the decision making process.

This video is an easy to understand tutorial that will take you step by step through the LinkedIn job search function, and open the door to employment opportunities.

This video is the first in an upcoming series of presentations focused on how to find job opportunities and start a career in the Executive Protection/Security profession.

Most of the content will be shared from the Executive Protection (EP) Job Search website – currently in beta.

The EP Job Search website is part of the International Security Driver Association(ISDA). ISDA and its members, as a way of paying it forward, offer tools and services for those interested in obtaining a job or starting a career in the Executive Protection/Security profession.

The EP Job Search website is more than just job listings.

As the website continues to grow, we will be adding new features and tools. We will continue to share advice, job trends, and career information. We will also offer future tutorials/training on how to market yourself and your services.

Tutorials are free to ISDA members and offered at a small fee to non-members.

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About ISDA

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) serves the Protective Services community. ISDA’s mission is to support an international forum of protective service providers who share knowledge for the purpose of enhancing the profession.

The most common question we (ISDA) get asked is:

Is ISDA for Security Drivers and Secure Transportation Providers only?

The answer is a big NO. ISDA is a valuable resource for all practitioners working in the protection profession.

ISDA members represent all facets and levels of the protective services profession as an example, this is a collection of publications and articles authored by ISDA Members

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