Updates to the ISDA Members-Only Knowledge Center

The ISDA website is the home to a vast amount of information available to members only. There are more than 400 articles covering continuing education opportunities, business metrics, industry news, job opportunities, and marketing assistance.

Recently we have made some substantial changes to the ISDA website. We expanded the Members-only Knowledge Center. The purpose was to organize content to conform to the Secure Transportation Triangle – Vehicle, Driver, and Environment. The goal was to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

The image below is a screenshot of the Members Dashboard. When you log in, you’ll see six icons that lead you to various website sections.

The website’s information and resources are separated into six topics.  In the top left is the revamp Knowledge Center.

The Knowledge Center.

You will see the Knowledge Center, which is also separated into four topics in the top left.

The Knowledge Center is separated into four topics.  Three of them will look and sound familiar – The Driver – The Vehicle, and the Environment. We organized the volumes of data into the three corners of the Security Driver Triangle. We added the all-important fourth topic, Business Knowledge.

Driving Center Knowledge Center has 75 articles related to the Driver/Driving portion of the Security Driver Triangle.

Vehicle Knowledge Center has 128 Articles also separated into nine topics covering Advanced Driver Assistance – Armored Vehicles – Attacks – Executive Vehicles – Tires – Vehicle Basics – Vehicle Dynamics – Vehicle Metrics – Vehicle Security

Environment Center has 9 Articles.

Business Center has 68 articles separated into nine topics covering business references  – IRS – job metrics  – job opportunities – K&R insurance  – marketing – metrics – training.

ISDA Roadmap to Career Success

The ISDA Roadmap to Success is available to ISDA Members only and is separated into three sections – Planning for your Success – Growing your Success – Managing and Enhancing your Success. Each of the sections contains an article specific to the subject.

ISDA Covid-19 Center

Covid Center is the home of 34 articles covering the effects of Covid 19 on the Secure Transportation and EP and Security Driver training industry. In the Center, readers will find articles – data and metrics that can assist practitioners working in the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection profession. Our goal is to help the community navigate its way through the problems created by the pandemic. Most of the information is supplied by Members. If you have information that you would like to add to the Center, please let us know.https://isdacenter.org/covid-19-center/

ISDA ToolKit - Resources and Checklists

We have and are collecting reference sources and checklists for our members. You have checklists, or referenced source could help the membership, and are comfortable sharing with our members please let us know. Resources and References contain seven articles.

We have a core group of ISDA members who offer training. Their training programs cover EP, Protective Driving, Self-Defense, Firearms Instruction, Nightclub Security, and Tactical/pre-hospital medical instruction.  ISDA has created a training directory. The Directory is a database of ISDA Member training providers and is located on the ISDA website along with a downloadable PDF.  The PDF Training Directory is distributed three to four times a year to the ISDA. If you supply training and are not listed, please let us know.