Denida Zinxhiria

The International Security Driver Association is the premier organization that every security professional should invest in joining. ISDA publishes factual (you can’t argue with math), tested relevant material that benefits every member. I try to learn something new every day. Some things I learn are useful and some aren’t however; every single time I read an ISDA newsletter or email I find it relevant.The ISDA staff are all experienced EP professionals that have attained superior knowledge and skills that they are willing to share to make every ISDA member a better motor vehicle operator. The information you will receive as an ISDA member may keep you out of an accident, keep you out of somebody else’s accident or get you and your protectee out of danger.I’ve been doing protection work for almost 40 years and driving even longer. I assure you that you cannot make a better investment in yourself or your career than to take advantage of the information available to ISDA members. There are very few places where you can learn the needed skills for protective driving and have those skills recognized by employers all over the world.

Denida ZinxhiriaFounder/CEO Athena Worldwide LLC, Athena Academy, Nannyguards®